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My name is Christy Fox.  I am dually licensed in mental health and substance abuse treatment.  I have a private practice located in Nancy, KY which is outside of Somerset, KY.  I provide outpatient services such as individual sessions, outpatient groups, intensive outpatient services and DUI services.  I primarily work with adults and teenagers.  I provide services for individuals that are self-seeking treatment, as well as clients referred by probation/parole, DCBS and the court system.  I am an approved DOC provider and offer time reduction classes.  Additionally, I provide counseling services for MAT (medically assisted treatment).  I provide referrals for medication monitoring for those benefitting from psychiatric services.  

I am very passionate about my work due to my personal battle with mental health and substance abuse issues.  I have battled anxiety throughout my life.  At the age of 17, I experienced a medical emergency which ultimately created extended physical and emotional pain.  Through the use of prescription drugs, I began self-medicating.  When the prescription drugs ran out, I sought relief from street drugs.  Early in my addiction, I was able to attend Union College and earn a bachelor's degree in biology.  After graduating, my addiction progressed and led me to places that I never thought I would go.  I was finally able to get sober in 2005.  After maintaining sobriety for one year, I decided to go back to school and pursuit a master's degree in mental health counseling.  I attended Lindsey Wilson college and graduated with a Master of Education with an emphasis in Mental Health counseling.  I have been fortunate throughout my career to get to explore many avenues of the field.  I have experience working in the detention centers, residential treatment, sober living and private practice.  

The name of my business is Gratitude Adjustment.  When naming my business, I prayed about a way to summarize everything it took for me to overcome my addiction.  The name "Gratitude Adjustment" encompasses the mindset that was necessary for me to heal.  I went from thinking the world owed me something to realizing that life was a blessing and I had to work for the things I wanted in life.  I have dedicated my life to helping others that struggle with mental health and substance abuse issues.   I am very passionate about helping others and feel it is my life's mission to help others out of their darkness.  


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